TAK Fiber – A One Stop Name for Voice Fiber Multiplexer

Voice Fiber Multiplexer is the basic need of ensuring better telephony and communication systems. They come with a number of added features and provides better telephone optical interface to various systems. In addition to this, they come with gigabit Ethernet interface and business expansion interface. Not to mention port Ethernet interface switching, VLAN support division, extended service interface, asynchronous data, voice signal, twenty four wire E &M Audio signals, digital signals, transmission channels and a lot more.


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PDH Multiplexer – Choose Latest Models from Hangzhou TAK Communication Co. Ltd

Are you looking for a new range of PDH multiplexer or searching for any other optical transmission products?

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Not to mention the availability of 1000M Fiber media converter, 4/8/16/30/60/360 channels Voice optical multiplexer, 4/8/16/30 E1 PCM multiplexer, 2E1/4E1/8E1/16E1 TDMoIP device, 4E1,8E1, 16 E1 to Ethernet Interface converter, E1 to V.35 converter, video/audio/data fiber optical multiplexera and a lot more.

You have to contact via any convenient mode of communication and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

Need for Buying PDH Multiplexer for Effective Telecommunication

In almost all telecommunication networks, the PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) technology is used in order to transport the large amount of data over the digital data transporting equipments such as microwave radio and fiber optic systems.


This PDH is actually a terminology related to the digital multiplexer used in the exchange of data. In the telecommunication industry, this PDH technology and pdh multiplexer equipment is very popular for transporting larger data through the digital data transporting systems.

A lot of telecommunication networks are using this hierarchy mainly because this technology is very helpful for the proper and safe transmission of heavy data which basically runs at the same transmission rate. At the same time, this equipment also allows some of the minor variations in the extensive speed than the supposed speed rate. The considerable features of the best type of PDH multiplexer will be,

  • Modular-wide dynamic optical detector
  • It has to be based on the self patent IC
  • The best pdh multiplexer needs to give the loop back function in order to get the remote command line interface for the easy line maintenance
  • When there is a optical signal loss occurred while the transmission of data, this multiplexer will find the remote device which is already power off or fiber is disconnected. It will be indicated by LED alarm to the users in the telecommunication networks.
  • The users can able to monitor the current working situation of remote device during the transmission of data from the local device using it.

Great Features of PCM Multiplexer

The voice channel PCM multiplexer can provide 30 channels of voice signal over E1 channel in order to recognize the extension of telephone line. Usually, the E1 signal can be transmitted through the fiber multiplexer. Currently, the PCM multiplexer is available in two different versions. Both the versions can offer a wide range of digital data and voice services in order to subscribe at various locations.


Primarily, it requires the interconnection to identify a voice as well as data network via an E1 link. This kind of multiplexer is highly used in the terminal as well as drop insert configuration that provide LAN/WAN interconnectivity, high quality voice services, interconnect LAN and also provide leased lines on DSL for the SOHO applications. The amazing features of PCM multiplexer are given below:

  • It offers 30 channels of voice signals that greatly supports call indication as well as opposite pole charging.
  • It is fully based on self copyright integrated chip or circuit.
  • It greatly supports the function of transmission signal in all the end points.
  • The voice port can support both S port and O port for exchanging connections by using user’s telephone.

In addition to, the specifications of PCM multiplexer is listed below:

  • Coding: HDB3
  • Standard: G.703
  • Impedance: 75Omega (unbalance), 120Omega (balance)
  • Interface rate: 2.048Mbps plus or minus 50ppm
  • Connector: BNC, RJ45
  • Jitter performance: based on G.742 and G.823
  • Clock: line clock and internal clock

The PCM multiplexer can provide seamless connectivity for various devices in the network. It can use the E1 interface converters widely used in LAN/WAN networking, control and so on. Let you use this multiplexer to access both E1 channel data and voice at the same time.