PDH Multiplexer with High Data Transfer Options

Fast speed internet connection with high speed of downloading and browsing has become the basic need of different companies and organization. Such demand has increased the responsibility of internet service providers and companies that are offering broadband connections. They search for a variety of devices, cables, network systems and tools that can increase the internet speed to a great level.

If you are looking for such devices and systems, you will get a variety of devices like PDH Multiplexer or the Plesiochronous Digital Grading that is the basic Ethernet cable – comes under the category of high speed date transceiver process. This cable is frame worked with fiber optic materials to enhance their performance, to make them more reliable and capable to work with the means of fiber cable signals in a strong way without possibility of any error.

Such multiplexers or Ethernet cables are used in Information Technology for better telecommunication as they have a special propertyto transport huge measures of data over the designed digital transport apparatus that work under the principle of microwave radio system. The name PDH multiplexer is actually fixed for this cable as it has a property of sending any larger data content, but within short range of distance without any error, delay or high data charges. However, it is important to note that such cables apparatus and installation may cost about value in millions.

In this way, these cables or PDH Multiplexer are used in giant IT companies and by different governments to send some highly confidential data.

Not to mention different other techniques that also use fiber optic technique and material for transporting the data like PDH, but with slight modification. The technique synchronous digital hierarchy was first of all introduced by the hardware developers, but it came with outcome with low efficiency than PDH. The transmitting rate and time of data is lower in the synchronous digital hierarchy in comparison to the PDH multiplexer in real use.

There are different types of PDH multiplexers that you will get from top manufacturers and suppliers in China. TAK Fiber Optic is a one stop reliable name bringing to you a variety of PDH optical multiplexer that includes, but not limited to:

  • N x E1 G.703 series fiber mux
  • N x E1 G.703 series + Ethernet fiber series
  • N x E1 G.703 series + GE fiber series, can support SNMP function

You have to choose the right one and place your order accordingly to your requirement. Place your order now and get the latest multiplexer.